Tuesday, 17 March 2015

T Minus 25 Weeks

It is just over 25 weeks until my due date. In some ways this seems like forever but when I look at the list of things we need to get done in that time it suddenly feels like 5 minutes. Now we have lots of things that we want to do to the house, but we have to focus on the bits we absolutely need to get done before baby comes along. The list so far:
  1. Decorate my office
  2. New curtains for my office
  3. Move boxes and furniture out of room intended for nursery and back into my office
  4. Decorate the nursery
  5. New carpet for nursery
  6. New curtains for nursery
  7. Furniture for nursery
  8. Wardrobes for master bedroom (so we can move our clothes out of the nursery one)
  9. Put up 2 x sheds in the garden
  10. Move all the junk out of the garage into said sheds
  11. Set up the garage as a gym (as originally intended 10 months ago). 
While I am still out of work/looking for work I can at least be making a start on these jobs (as well as all the regular house keeping jobs). The first task is to get my office sorted out - see pictures below. It currently has a dark brown carpet and dark brown curtains and no wallpaper (we removed the dark brown wallpaper!). 

Annoyingly after a trip to Dunelm Mill we soon found out our curtains are of 'non-standard' size which means we need to have them custom made instead of buying off the shelf, i.e. add £200 on to the price (joy). Anyway we decided to have Hilary's out to measure and quote us and after recovering from the shock we have decided we are going to swallow the cost and go ahead (at least they will fit them and they are guaranteed). 

I have also been out this week and collected some test pots and I will hopefully have chosen a paint colour by the end of the week. 

My plan was to start painting straight away but I have read conflicting advice on the safety of painting when pregnant. The vast majority say that as long as the paint is not oil based and you make sure you keep the room well ventilated then it is OK after the 1st trimester. Other sources (still credible ones) suggest it is best to avoid it as with most things they do not yet know the risks (grrrr). I have my midwife appointment next week so I decided it will not harm to wait a week and see what she says. I shall also invest in a decent, and probably very stylish face mask, just to be on the safe side. 

The new curtains and colour scheme. I am actually really hoping I prefer the Crown one over the B&Q own brand as it is currently on offer at 3 for £32. The B&Q one works out at 3 for £35 - and every little helps! 

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