Monday, 16 March 2015

More Freebies - Emma's Diary

I posted a while back about how excited I was when I collected my Emma's Diary and Bounty mum to be packs. I got to experience that again today as I logged into Emma's Diary online and was able to download vouchers for the next two packs - 'Bump to Baby' and 'New Family'.


Bump to Baby Contents: 
Pampers Sensitive Wipes (12 pack)
Pampers New Born Nappy Sample
Always Towel Sample
Lansinoh Nursing Pads Sample
Fairy Non-bio Sample
Bio Oil Sachet 

New Family Contents:
Pampers Sensitive Wipes (12 pack)
Pampers Size 3 Nappy Sample
Fairy Non-bio Sample
Palmer's Tummy Butter (15g)
Tena Lights Sample
Lansinoh Nursing Pads Sample

I do not think that the contents of these are as good as those in the original Emma's Diary pack - either the novelty of freebies has worn off or the Tena Lights are too much of a reminder of what is too come! I have boxed everything up that I have received so far and I am sure it will all be useful. I do admit I will probably not be using brands such as Fairy or Pampers once the baby is born as we plan to stick to our new money saving ways for some time to come. We are certainly not adverse to shopping around and trying supermarket own brands such as Aldi and ASDA, particularly until I go back to work full time. We are also considering buying second hand where ever we can. We are not planning on buying anything until after our 20 week scan, after that I shall be post about any bargains we find and how we get on with keeping costs to a minimum.  

Since collecting these packs I have read some worrying posts on 'Mumsnet' about Emma's Diary contacting you once the baby is born and trying to send you items to buy. Some posters said they were sent items regardless of whether they wanted them and then got sent the bill. I shall keep my fingers crossed this does not happen. I do have the king of all complainers on my side if I do have any issues with them (my partner). He once got sent a £15 Mars voucher and an apology letter after he wrote to complain that the ratio of snickers to the other bars in tubs of celebrations was always too low. He is an oddball but I do love him to bits!

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