Sunday, 29 March 2015

Babybond quickASSURE Scan

Today we went for a private scan and got to see our baby again. I know that people have different views about private scans and many midwifes do not recommend them but I am so glad we had one. We decided to book the scan for a few reasons. Firstly, having suffered a missed miscarriage we are naturally very anxious this time round and when you are this anxious the wait between the 12 week and 20 week scan seems like an eternity. The second reason was for extra reassurance after I had to have a filling this week. Despite the midwife and the dentist telling me it was fine I still worried a little bit that the local anaesthetic and my sky high blood pressure (dentist phobia) would harm the baby.  

We both had a very sleepless night last night worrying about the scan. I don't think we will ever get over being told at our scan the first time round that they could not find a heartbeat. It makes us think that every scan will be bad news - despite having a positive 12 week scan this time round. Our appointment was the first one of the day at 10.30am so we went straight in and thankfully the minute she started scanning she said the magic words 'baby is fine'. She showed us all the different bits and told us the measurements were all looking good. We couldn't believe how much baby has grown. We got about 8 photos in total and even got to see them in 4D and get a couple of 4D photos. 

We had the scan at a Babybond clinic which is part of Ultrasound Direct. They offer scans all over the country. As we only wanted to be reassured we went for the cheapest option and booked the quickASSURE scan which is a 15 minute appointment. I would definitely recommend using Babybond as the booking process was easy and the experience was far less clinical than in the hospital. There are more expensive 4D scans available for later on but I don't think we will be having any - as nice as they would be I would rather spend the money on the baby when it is here and we are also very much hoping our anxiety will be greatly reduced after our 20 week scan - fingers crossed. 

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