Saturday, 14 March 2015

Money Money Money

One of the things I have mentioned a few times is the fact my partner and I are on a budget. The main reason for this is that as of 2 weeks ago I am currently unemployed. I decided to hand my notice in when I found out I was pregnant. This may seem very drastic but I do have very valid reasons and it was a decision my partner and I spent a lot of time making. Unfortunately in the end I just felt that the job I had been in had too many risks to my pregnancy, largely due to working with livestock. It also required a commute of over 2 hours each day and came with a large deal of stress due to multiple issues with staffing. After looking at our finances we decided that it would be better for us to have to cut back than us worry constantly. I finished at 12 weeks pregnant and just before lambing season began (high risk for pregnant women). 

My plan was to find some temporary work for 4 or 5 months - however this is proving easier said than done. I cannot realistically apply for a permanent role as I would only be there for a few months before I went on maternity leave and I do not feel I would be comfortable doing this to an employer. Luckily having worked full time for the last 3 years I will quality for maternity allowance which will help out us out. Until then I will be keeping up the job hunt and be looking for creative ways in which we can save as much money as possible - I foresee a lot of beans on toast in my future! 

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