Friday, 13 March 2015

Back To My Childhood

I have not written a post in a few days as I have been staying away with my parents. The main reason for the visit was to go and see 'Adrian Mole the Musical' with my mum at the Curve Theatre in Leicester (part of my 30th birthday present). 

The Adrian Mole books are my all time favourites and I must have read them all at least 5 times in my life, so I was very excited to go and see the musical. It was also nice to spend some time with my mum- something I rarely do. The show was great - I would definitely recommend to any fans of the books. It also made me once again realise that we really do need to go out and do more 'fun' things, by we I mean myself and my partner. We are always thinking about money and never really treat ourselves. I know we need to be sensible these days but there must be so many things to do that don't break the bank - I shall make it my mission to hunt them out! 

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