Monday, 23 March 2015

Happy Cleaning - Method Non-toxic Cleaners

After visiting friends on Thursday and over the weekend I have gotten behind with my blog. Whilst spending time with my friends definitely helps to improve my happiness it does have a negative impact on my diet, wallet and the house work. For that reason I shall dedicate the last week of the month to trying to ensure these other 3 aspects of my life receive an equal amount of attention. 

Whilst I am currently unemployed I am taking on all responsibility for running the house, basically trying to be a proper old fashioned house wife. Cleaning is not one of my favourite things to do, but on the whole I do not mind doing it. When agreeing to take on this job I did however have one major concern - the chemicals. After spending an hour or two immersed in a selection of bleaches, sprays and creams I have always ended up with a slight lightheaded feeling, along with the feeling I have may have taken several layers of skin off my hands. Now that I am pregnant I guess the obvious choice would be to use gloves and a mask, however I decided to follow on from my quest to find natural toiletries by looking into natural cleaners too. 

I must have some kind of psychic connection to Sainsbury's as it just happened that the week I went to look all of their natural ranges were on offer. I purchased a few products from the Ecover and Method ranges. For now I shall just talk about the kitchen ones.


The products above are from the 'Method' range. Method is an American brand that was taken over by Ecover in 2012. There products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and designed to be safe for both the family and all furry friends. 

Click to enlarge - method FAQs taken from

I have been using the Daily Kitchen Cleaner and Multi-surface cleaners for about 4 weeks now. I am really impressed. The scents are lovely and the products do not have the usual 'fake' chemical fresh smell you get with cleaning products. As far as cleaning performance I have had no issues at all. I have been using the daily cleaner for my quick daily surface wipes and the multi-surface cleaner for deeper cleans every few days. They cut through all dirt and have even got rid of some seriously welded on dirt on my stove top (when sprayed and left to soak for a minute). I do have concerns that the products do not have any antibacterial properties. Method do make products that kill 99.9% of bacteria but these seem to be only available in the USA. Until they become available here I willl just rope my partner in to do a deep clean once every few weeks. 

Rating: 4/5 - This would have been higher if the range included antibacterial products. When I purchased the products they cost £2 each for an 828ml bottle. The current price is £3 per bottle. Although this is higher than the products we would usually I do think the extra £1 is worth the peace of mind. I am sure my partner would agree as it means he gets out of all the cleaning too! 

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