Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Sanex Zero% Deodorant

When I started to think about using more natural products one of the first items I considered was my deodorant. Like most people I use this every day (once or twice depending on when I have a shower). I also have the bad habit of using far more than I should – I certainly don’t resemble the women on the adverts who delicately apply one swipe and are somehow able to immediately put on their beautiful dresses without any blowing or flapping about at all.  

I used to use either Dove or Sure roll-on and when I looked at the back of these one of the first ingredients listed was ‘Aluminium Chlorohydrate’. This was one of the controversial chemicals I had identified and definitely one I wanted to avoid if possible. When I first looked for a more natural deodorant I was quite disappointed as the ones I found were very expensive and as we are currently on a money saving mission I didn't feel I could justify them. The natural cosmetics company Lush sold several, priced around £5 and an online organic beauty company called ‘The Green People’ did too, but again their deodorant was priced at around £8.00.

It was when I was browsing in ASDA that I came across Sanex Zero%. I was aware of the Sanex but not their new Zero% range. Their website states these products have been developed to contain less artificial chemical ingredients and to be more environmentally friendly. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had a deodorant in this range and that it contained natural minerals and no aluminium chlorohydrate, no alcohol and no parabens. The best bit, it was only £1.50! 

I have been using this now for several months and I am definitely hooked. I was concerned at first that it would not stand up to my usual brands and I did spend a few days subtly sniffing myself just to make sure it did! I can honestly say the product works really well. It smells lovely, is easy to use and It seems to go quite far (I have used one a month so far). I will definitely be sticking to this product for the long term and I am keen to try out other products in the range.

My Rating: 5/5.

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