Friday, 20 March 2015

Points Mean Prizes

Whilst my hunt for work is proving unsuccessful I decided to look for other ways to earn money. Google's first return for 'earn money from home' is an article from Money Saving Their first suggestion is online surveys. Now this is something is not new to me, having completed many a survey in my student years. The article states that if you are dedicated you can earn around £200 to £800 in cash and vouchers in a year. 

I signed up for the top three sites: Ipsos, Swagbucks and Global Test Market. Having found the Swagbucks site the most easy to use I have focused on this one for the past 2 weeks and am pleased to say I have racked up almost enough 'swag points' to claim a £10 amazon voucher. Not quite the £800 a year mark but I have only been spending 30 minutes or so each evening on the site. So far I have only focused on answering surveys but you can also earn points by answering polls, watching videos and searching via their page instead of Google. There have been some occasions where I have half completed a survey and then been disqualified which is frustrating, but on the whole most surveys are quick, easy and sometimes even interesting too - I completed one about the new Ghostbusters Movie last week. 

I am going to start using the other two sites and try and be a bit more dedicated to spending time on them each day - even if I can earn £10 from each site a month that is £30 I would not have had.  

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