Monday, 30 March 2015

ASDA Good & Counted Low Fat Frozen Yogurt

This evening I had a real craving for some ice cream. I think it was because I had a slightly sore tummy and also because I was quite tired and craving the sugar. We went for a wander around ASDA but I really didn't want to buy ice cream knowing how unhealthy it is. I am trying to be good at the moment as although my weight gain so far is within the normal limits for 16 weeks - it is at the top end of normal. My meals on the whole are relatively healthy but I just need to be more careful with snacks. 

Instead of ice cream I decided to get some low fat frozen yogurt. ASDA has a new revamped low fat range called 'Good and Counted', and within this they have a range of low fat frozen greek yogurt. I went for the chocolate one which is 84 calories a portion (about 1/5 of the pot which I personally found was plenty). It was just what I needed the flavour was not too rich or too sweet and it definitely satisfied my craving. I am sure I will be trying the other flavours soon - I just hope they do not discontinue it as that usually happens with anything I really like! 

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