Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Who Needs Sleep?!

OK, moan coming up..............

I am so tired at the moment. I have not slept properly for about 2 weeks now. I keep waking up at least 2 times during the night and then it takes me so long to get comfy and go back to sleep again. I think I am spending more time in bed lying staring at the alarm clock than I am sleeping. I know that I shouldn't moan as I am over the moon to be pregnant but I really, really need a decent night's sleep. 

The problem is that I sleep on either my back or front - both of which are too uncomfortable to do at almost 20 weeks pregnant and I am sure will just become more and more impossible as the weeks pass by. I try to sleep on my side, but during the night I roll back over - which wakes me up and starts the vicious cycle. 

After speaking to some pregnant/ previously pregnant friends I decided I needed to buy a pregnancy pillow and started to look for one that would support my back and front simultaneously, so it would keep me sleeping on my side. What I did not expect to find is that pregnancy pillows must be filled with gold and diamonds! There are two pillows that meet my requirements but both are far more money than I want to spend. 

Summer Infant Body Support Pillow. Argos: £29.99
Dream Genii Pregnancy Pillow. Argos: £46.99

At the moment I just don't feel I can justify the price. Last night I tried using two extra pillows and placed on in front of me and one behind me. This felt quite comfortable when I got into bed but I must have moved them at some point in the night and again just kept waking up feeling uncomfortable. I am going to give this method a few more days and then I think I will crack. I have my 20 week scan on Monday (eeekk) so I might have to go shopping after that. I really should just suck it up and get used to no sleep - from what I hear I wont be getting any once the baby is actually here! 

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