Sunday, 19 April 2015

Almost Halfway

I have not posted in a whole week which makes me feel really guilty. I can't quite believe I am almost halfway now at 19 weeks. My 20 week scan is a week tomorrow - although I am trying not to think about it too much as both myself and my partner are starting to worrying about it. 

I will blame my lack of posting on the fact that I am so tired at the moment. I have been struggling a lot with sleeping this week and just feel exhausted (so much for all the pregnancy emails I keep receiving telling me I should be feeling 'glowing' and more energetic now). I also ended up in A&E with my partner on Wednesday, after he stood on a piece of rusty fence post. He is still hobbling around on crutches now and I have been having to play nurse since it happened. 

He is back to work tomorrow so I am hoping to use this next week to get back on track with my projects:

1) The painting in the front room needs finishing as the curtains will soon be ready to be fitted. 
2) I need to get back on track with my diet - my no more crisps pack went out the window after my partners accident. 
3) I need to really look into money saving ideas - my plan is to look into coupons and doing more batch cooking. 

Fingers crossed in just over a week I will have a positive update regarding my projects and the health and sex of our baby! 

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