Monday, 27 April 2015

20 Week Scan

So today was our 20 week scan. We have been looking forward to and dreading this day in equal amounts for the past few weeks. I knew they could tell us everything was looking good, and maybe even the sex but I also knew they could tell us something was wrong. 

Our scan was at 9am so luckily no agonising wait in the waiting room - in fact we were in for about 8.40am. The scan itself took a long time. Baby was lying in a very awkward position (on its belly with legs crossed) and wouldn't move. The sonographer checked all the organs and did the required measurements, she explained what she was doing which was nice, but she certainly wasn't trying to win a personality contest at the same time and did come across a little cold. I could tell she was getting a little frustrated about measurements she was struggling to take too. After what seemed like a lifetime she confirmed all looked good and despite baby having its legs clamped shut for 90% of the time she did get one shot and said was able to tell us the sex. 

Now both myself and my partner have been convinced we were having a boy for the past few months. This is not because we both preferred a boy - in fact if you had asked us a year ago we both would have said we wanted a girl. I am not sure what first made us think it would be a boy, it may of even been because when we first found out we were pregnant my partner kept joking it would be typical if we had a boy because then he would have to learn how to play football - which he hates. We both just had a gut feeling we were having a boy. 

We always knew we would ask the sex at the scan. Just for fun we looked into a few old wives tales this week to see if they backed up our 'blue' hunch. These are the results:

Morning Sickness: Has been bad and lasted a long time so - Girl 
Heart rate: Over 150bmp so - Girl
Skull Theory: Head look a bit angular on first scan so - maybe Boy
Nub Theory: Could not see on first scan pic so no use. 
Cravings: Have been craving savoury food so - Boy 
Bicarb Soda Test: The test fizzed a lot so - Boy
Spots/Acne: None at all so - Boy
Dry Skin - Lots on my hands so - Boy 
Chinese Birth Chart - Boy

Going by the above there it looked more likely to be a boy (if any of these actually work). Despite baby trying not to show us the one look the sonographer did get was enough for her to say she "was seeing what she would expect to see in a girl" and showed us three distinct lines. She wouldn't be anymore direct than this (guessing for legal reasons) but it looks like we (and many old wives tales) were wrong and we are in fact team pink! We are over the moon. It may take my partner a few days to get over the fact he can't have a dinosaur themed nursery anymore. I can't say I am not relieved! 

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