Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bump to Five Show

Yesterday we went to our first baby show. It was a local 'Bump to Five' show and consisted of a range of stalls and activities. To be honest we didn't stay long as there was not much to see for 'bumps' - most was aimed at people already with children. I did speak to someone about aqua natal classes though and I will be looking into doing this soon hopefully. I also spent some time talking to the people at the 'Weleda' stand. 

Now I think prior to yesterday I was vaguely aware of Weleda, but I didn't know that they were natural and have certainly never tried one of their product. It turns out their products are completely natural, organic, ethical and sustainable. As well as standard products they also have a baby range and I was given a handful of samples to take back with me. I got face cream, body lotion, baby oil and baby wash. I shall look forward to trying them when baby is here, that is if I don't crack and use them on myself, it does state on the label also suitable for adults with sensitive skin! 


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