Monday, 25 May 2015

Project Nursery

The time has come for us to tackle project nursery. At 24+3 days, and knowing that it will probably take us 3-4 weeks to complete, I do not want to leave this much longer. This room was always going to be the biggest project. When we moved in there was only backing paper on the walls, no under-lay under the carpet, loose floorboards, a curtain pole that didn't fit and a fire place with broken tiles. The pictures below have been taken today after we had some help on Saturday from my partner's parents who started removing the wall paper (a job they love and I dislike). 

The jobs we need to complete are:
1) Fill holes and then paint the walls (expecting it will need a good few coats)
2) Paint the skirting boards
3) Fix and paint the tiles around the fireplace
4) Buy and insert a flume balloon to block the chimney. 
5) Clean the wardrobe and insert new poles
6) Buy curtains
7) Fix the floor boards and buy a new carpet (the current one pictured is just pieces of old carpet laid down). 
8) Move in the nursery furniture and baby's things (the fun part). 

Should keep me busy for a good few weeks! 

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