Friday, 8 May 2015

Pregnancy Support Pillow

A few weeks back I wrote about my struggle to sleep at night. Due to the extortionate cost of pregnancy support pillows I decided to hold off and see if I could get away without one. After a week of trying and failing to prop myself between two normal pillows I decided to buy one. After ready reviews, and swayed by the fact we had a £10 voucher I bought the Summer Infant Body Support pillow from Argos. 

I am really glad that I decided to buy one. My original issue was that I struggled to sleep on my side and lying on my back was far too uncomfortable. Now I must admit that at 22 weeks pregnant I am not finding lying on my back as uncomfortable. Apparently my uterus should have risen up slightly taking pressure off my bladder, which also explains why I do not need to wee so much now. Despite this I know that research suggests it is best for you and baby to lie on your side when sleeping, and that as my bump gets bigger I will again find it too uncomfortable to lie on my back. This pillow is perfect for my needs as it really does stop you from rolling over onto your back. I find that the back of the pillow rolls round high enough to support my hips and my lower back and the front is really nice to 'cuddle'. I have definitely slept better since having it. I do find that I need to change sides half way through the night, which is not the easiest thing to do as you have to get out the pillow turn it over and get back in (I don't think my partner appreciates this). Despite this I am really pleased with my purchase - £20.00 well spent! 

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