Saturday, 16 May 2015

Don't Look a Gift Horse In The Mouth

With money being an issue for us, I said all along that I would be more than happy to save a few pounds by getting most baby things second hand. The only items we wanted brand new were the cotbed, mattress and travel system. I am lucky in that my mum is a very recently retired childminder and having worked as one for 28 years she has amassed a wide range of baby and child items. Her gift to us last weekend was a large collected of these items, including: 

A bouncy chair
An activity gym 
A sit up donut 
A light weight pushchair
A nappy bin
A bumbo seat
A selection of outdoor toys (including ball pool and caterpillar tunnel)
A selection of Fisher Price Little People toys
A Little Tikes dolls house
A selection of baby clothing
A selection of baby toys & rattles

All of these items are in great condition (some barely used). We have managed to wash the activity gym and donut and have washed all the clothing too. A lot of the toys we have boxed up and put in the attic as they are not suitable until 1 year plus. I did have to sort (read play with) them all first to check they are all in good working order!

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