Monday, 22 June 2015

Nanas Don't Just Knit Shreddies

I have not posted for a while - which is bad of me and this blog was intended to keep me on track with my plans and projects. 

I have been quite busy visiting family and working on the house and garden. Currently the following projects are ongoing:

1) Decorating the nursery
2) Eating more healthily - after the midwife measured my fundal height as being 1.5 weeks ahead last week at my 28 week appointment (an increase of 6cm from the previous appointment) I am making a conscious effort to reduce my sugar intake and eat healthier. We shall see how that goes!
3) Planning and purchasing everything we need for baby

I will cover those in more detail later on as this post is about the amazing gifts that my grandma (baby's great grandmother to be) gave us this weekend.

My grandparents live 2 hours away from us in the Cotswolds which means we do not get to visit them as often as I would like. We went down for the day on Saturday for lunch and a catch up and we were given some handmade gifts for baby. She had made us a large white blanket, a very cute white cardigan and some knitted animal toys. The blanket is beautiful and I love the animals as they remind me of the toys that I played with at my grandma's when I was a child. I think they will be kept on a high shelf in the nursery until she is at the age she can play with them nicely!

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