Thursday, 4 June 2015

Cot Bumpers - Safe or Not?

A while back I posted about how pleased we were with the lovely cot bedding set and mobile we got in the sale. Since then we have actually returned it. The first reason for returning it was because the quilt had a manufacturing fault, and originally we planned to just exchange it. In the few days between this I had also (luckily) been reading about how to put baby to sleep safely. I was reading into this more and becoming aware that cot bumpers were actually not recommended that gave me the second reason to return it. 

Now I knew that the quilt that came with the set was not recommended for use for babies under 1 years old, it said this on the packaging. However this was the first time I had read anything questioning the safety of the cot bumper part - which is suitable from birth according to the packaging. 

Naturally I read into this further and I found quite a few sad stories about babies who had died after getting caught up in the ties from the bumper or that had suffocated after the bumper had fallen on them. As shocking and sad as these stories a big part of me still felt that because all the shops sold them and displayed them in their cots, that surely they must be safe. Maybe these parents just sadly didn't use them correctly? Then I look on the NHS and NCT websites. BOTH stated that cot bumpers were not recommended. 

It was reading this that made me 100% decide to return the bedding set and opt for just plain fitted sheets for the cot. As pretty as the sets make a cot look, if something ever did happen I could never forgive myself having read these warnings.

I have since read a quote that said 'There is only one thing you need to make your cot beautiful - your baby'. This is so true. 

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