Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Birthday Weekend

This week I got to enjoy a long weekend with my partner for his 39th birthday. He is not really one for celebrating (Birthday Grinch comes to mind) so we didn't do much - but still had a lovely time. 

On the Saturday we went to our second Baby event. This time it was a Baby & Children's Mega Market that had a range of new items and nearly new sellers. It cost £1 to get in and was very very busy (and hot). For this reason we didn't stay long but we did pick up a wooden activity station that looks hardly used for only £10, they retail for £40 in the shops. My partner has been wanting one of these so it was nice to find one for his birthday. There were plenty of bargains to have if you had the patience - clothing, moses baskets, toys, feeding accessories etc. I definitely think we would go to one again - just at a cooler time of year. You can find locations and dates for these events at:

On the Sunday we went to a local Fayre and Square pub for a meal. We had not been there before and were quite impressed. It only cost £12 for a meal and drink for us both and the food was better than normal 'pub food'. Sadly baby is taking up far too much room now for me to fit in a dessert too but they did sound nice so I am sure we will go back. 

I also finally got chance to give my partner the birthday presents I have been working on for a few weeks. Not knowing what to get, and not getting any help from him, I decided to make a 'New Dad Survival' Box. I made the box using an old shoe box and filled it with items he can use once baby arrives. My favourite item was the 'Baby on Board' sign that I made. He loves dinosaurs so I wanted to make him a personal one, it is hand embroidered and I am very proud of the finished item. He loved it too which is all that matters! 

Finally on Monday we went to the New Walk Museum in Leicester to see their dinosaur exhibition (see above) and then did a bit of shopping. We collected an activity mat that we had reserved from John Lewis. This was purchased as a gift from my brother and really is lovely - so much nicer than most of the garish ones that seem to be about! I also got a few more maternity essentials from New Look and also bought some basic vest tops and stretchy dresses from H&M (much cheaper than Maternity wear so well worth a look!). 

Play Mat - John Lewis Online £58.80

Apart from the heat I had a lovely weekend and feel very positive. I can't believe that after this coming weekend we will only have 10 weeks to go!

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